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Martin Weaver Multimedia specializes in event based videography. There is no cost for an event committee to host our services, which is something that we pride ourselves with. We cover various types of events across Alberta. They range from dance competitions and recitals, to sporting events and more. An assortment of services are provided at each event and we are continuously innovating to expand our video capabilities.

Martin Weaver Multimedia is a fully licensed and insured company, operating in Edmonton, Alberta. Our focus is to produce high quality video while creating pleasant experiences for all of our customers throughout Alberta.

Key Benefits

  • No costs to the event committee
  • High quality video and audio
  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Multiple format options (DVD, Blu Ray, USB, Download)
  • Preview station, allowing customers to view the video at the event
  • Live display at the event

Sample Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive the order?
Typically, the orders are processed and sent within 2-3 weeks after the event. Our aim is to get it to our customers as soon as possible and we try to process the orders in less than the mentioned timeline. We are always looking at ways to shorten the processing time. If you do not receive the order after 3 weeks, then we ask that you contact us by email at martin.weaver@outlook.com or by phone at 587.597.8679 and we will look into the order as soon as possible.

What is the difference between the Instant SD DVD and the HD DVD/Blu Ray/USB?
We like to offer both the instant DVD option as well as the HD versions for most of the events we attend. The HD versions are offered in full 1080p HD, while the instant SD DVD has lower resolution. The key benefit of ordering the instant SD DVD is that the order will be ready and given to the customer at the event. The HD version is higher quality, but it needs to be processed afterwards and is then shipped.

How does the “downloadable file” work?
When customers order the downloadable file they will receive a link in their email with download instructions. The download files are sent in 1080p resolution to ensure the highest quality. If download times take too long we send a 720p version at no extra charge. The 720p resolution will takes less time to download while maintaining high quality.

Can Martin Weaver Multimedia offer video services at our event?
We are always looking at covering different events throughout Alberta. If you have an event send us an email and we will get back to you with a detailed outlined proposal containing event details.

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