Athabasca 2017 Peewee C Provincials

This year we are proud to be part of the 2017 Peewee C Provincials in Athabasca, Alberta from March 23-26. We will be recording all of the games on video, which will be available for purchase. Isolation camera angles will also be available for players and goalies (must pre-order before the game to secure arrangements).

In addition, we will be offering live streams of the games, available for anyone wanting to watch online.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at 587.597.8679 or by email at Below is information pertaining the Athabasca Peewee C Provincial tournament


Streaming Tonight - Athabasca Peewee C Provincials Finals - Beaverlodge vs Marwayne-Dewberry
4:25pm start time with replay of the opening ceremonies


SD Instant DVD’s
Instant DVD’s are created at the event and are picked up at the end of the last game played.
- $30 per game/ $90 for tournament package (all games played)

HD DVD/Blu Ray/USB (read only)
HD DVD/Blu Ray/USB’s is the highest quality video that we produce, with a resolution of 1080p. These orders are created after the tournament and shipped to the provided address.
- $30 per game/$90 for tournament package
- $20 shipping & handling per order

HD Team USB or Instant DVD’s
This package allows for every player from a team to receive a copy of the game. Teams can pick to get either an HD team USB or instant DVD’s for the entire team. The HD team USB package includes an unlocked USB key that can be shared with everyone on the team. The USB is shipped after the tournament. The second option, instant DVD’s, allows for the team to pick up the videos at the end of their last game. Every player receives a DVD.
- $150 per game (unlocked and shareable USB for whole team or 1 instant DVD per player)
- $350 for all games played (Unlocked and shareable USB for the whole team, or instant DVD’s for each player)

Live Stream
This year we will be live streaming the games, which will be available online throughout Canada. You can access the stream tickets on this page, below the Live Streaming section. *Streaming times are in accordance to the tournament schedule.
- $12 per game, available online on multi-platforms (mobile, tablet, PC)

Isolation Camera Follow
Isolation camera angles will be available for purchase at the tournament. Goalie cameras will be placed behind the net to show the angles. Player isolations will include a dedicated camera to follow the specified player. The isolations are in 1080p HD format and are created on a USB key and shipped to the supplied address. In order to secure these arrangements, isolations must be ordered prior to the game.
- $75 per game for a goalie isolation camera
- $90 per game for a player isolation camera

Early Bird Pricing

We are offering early bird pricing at this year’s provincials tournament. These packages must be ordered before the start of the team’s first game.
- $75 tournament packages (all games, $20 shipping and handling for HD DVD/Blu Ray & USB).
- $300 Team Tournament USB’s or Instant DVD’s

Live Streaming

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive the order?
Typically, the orders are processed and sent within 2-3 weeks after the event. Our aim is to get it to our customers as soon as possible and we try to process the orders in less than the mentioned timeline. We are always looking at ways to shorten the processing time. If you do not receive the order after 3 weeks, then we ask that you contact us by email at or by phone at 587.597.8679 and we will look into the order as soon as possible.

What is the difference between the Instant SD DVD and the HD DVD/Blu Ray/USB?
We like to offer both the instant DVD option as well as the HD versions for most of the events we attend. The HD versions are offered in full 1080p HD, while the instant SD DVD has lower resolution. The key benefit of ordering the instant SD DVD is that the order will be ready and given to the customer at the event. The HD version is higher quality, but it needs to be processed afterwards and is then shipped.

How does the “downloadable file” work?
When customers order the downloadable file they will receive a link in their email with download instructions. The download files are sent in 1080p resolution to ensure the highest quality. If download times take too long we send a 720p version at no extra charge. The 720p resolution will takes less time to download while maintaining high quality.

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