Standing Ovation 2017 Dance Festival Tour

Martin Weaver Multimedia is excited to be attending 5 of the 6 Standing Ovation 2017 Dance Tour dates to provide videography services. We will be recording all of the dance routines at each event, which will be available for purchase. A video preview station will be present at each event, allowing parents and performers to watch their dances at the event. Videos can be ordered on location, or using our online order form (button below the title). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

*Event schedules will be made available on this page to facilitate ordering.

April 6-8 - Red Deer Art Centre
April 7-10 - Dow Centennial Centre - Fort Saskatchewan
April 18-23 - Myer Horowitz - Edmonton (U of A)
May 12-15 - Dow Centennial Centre - Fort Saskatchewan
May 19-22 - Myer Horowitz - Edmonton (U of A)

First Routine - $30
Each Additional Routine - $20

Available Video Formats
Download File
DVD ($20 shipping & handling per order)
Blu Ray ($20 shipping & handling per order)
USB ($20 shipping & handling per order)
*Please allow us up to 2-3 weeks to process your order.

Order Discounts
5-9 routines - 10% off routines
10-14 routines - 15% off routines
15+ routines - 20% off routines

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the video quality?
All of our videos are recorded in 1080 HD resolution to ensure the best picture. Our superior microphones allow us to capture great audio along with the footage. We offer high quality DVD’s and for the first time this year Blu Ray discs. In the past, we sent the downloads in 720 HD resolution, but this year the download files will be sent in full 1080 HD. We are able to send the videos in 720 HD resolution when requested to ensure a shorter download time.

How long will the download file take to download?
The download times can vary on multiple factors such as internet speeds, resolution and video length. A file with 1080 HD resolution takes about 2.25 times longer to download than the same file in 720 HD resolution. A 5-minute 1080 HD video would typically take about 10 minutes to download.

How long does it take to receive the order?
Typically, the orders are processed and sent within 2-3 weeks after the event. Our aim is to get it to our customers as soon as possible and we try to process the orders in less than the mentioned timeline. We are always looking at ways to shorten the processing time. If you do not receive the order after 3 weeks, then we ask that you contact us by email at or by phone at 587.597.8679 and we will look into the order as soon as possible.

How does the “download file” work?
When customers order the downloadable file they will receive a link in their email with download instructions. The download files are sent in 1080p resolution to ensure the highest quality. If download times take too long we send a 720p version at no extra charge. The 720p resolution will takes less time to download while maintaining high quality.

What is the video preview station?
The video preview station is a computer setup that allows parents and performers to watch their performance after having competed. We are working at creating a workflow which will allow us to update the preview station instantly, meaning the video will be ready to watch as soon as the dance has completed.

Can I order a video after the event?
The footage that Martin Weaver Multimedia captures at all of our events are archived and stored. The videos are always available for purchase at any time.

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